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Building your business’s brand and increasing sales and website traffic through various social media platforms is known as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

When harnessed correctly, Social Media Marketing can provide the business with a way to connect and interact with existing customers and reach new ones – which ultimately increases sales, leads and brand awareness.

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Our Social Media services include:

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Establish your brand with Social Media

Brand building is one of the essential marketing goals of any business. With a compelling brand image, you can gain brand awareness and recognition, which can lead to brand loyalty for your existing and potential customers. Brand loyalty leads to various long-term business benefits and a stimulus for users to close a sale.

Nowadays, social media gives business’s an outlet to get their brand in front of an audience easier and quicker than in the past. Creating a captivating brand that captures users’ attention would be through curating content on your social media platforms and determining the tone and style of the messages the business wishes to convey.

Social media specialists at Ohana Digital can make this happen for your business. According to your preferences, experts at Ohana Digital will produce, design, and curate organic social media share-worthy content that will drive an increase in engagements, post reach and other essential KPIs to increase brand awareness and recognition.

Social Listening and Audience Research

Businesses need to know what the public thinks and says about their brand. Social listening and audience research are essential in SMM. It works like an early warning system that alerts you about the positive and negative remarks being made about your brand by the people online – basically giving you a clear and complete picture of your audience and online presence.

Ohana Digital can bring you insights into how your business is perceived online through the use of social listening tools that can monitor and analyse conversations about your brand, competitors, or any specific topic. We can utilise these tools to target audiences, resulting in leads and sales for the business.

Execute Paid Social Strategies

The social media specialists at Ohana Digital will create and produce content for paid advertisements that resonate with your audience and include a strong call to action. We can execute sponsored posts, website traffic campaigns and lead generation, amongst many others, for paid advertisements. Paid Ads will provide your business with quick social media marketing results.

Results from paid ad campaigns will be monitored and measured using tracking tools and compiled as a report to gauge your ROI (Return on Investment).

Become Thought Leaders in your Industry

Social media marketing, when used correctly, can assist your business in being seen as a leader – people will seek your content as a reference whenever they have questions or whenever they need information.

We can help you become leaders in your industry by determining your target audience and connecting with them. In addition to building significant connections with your audience, social media specialists at Ohana Digital will also produce and curate share-worthy content that is modern, informative, engaging, and relatable for the people.

Pick the right social platforms for your business

Now that we have covered the importance of Social Media Marketing for the success of businesses, the last step is determining the platforms to use. The social media team at Ohana Digital are knowledgeable about a wide range of social media platforms. They can assist you in deciding which social media platforms are ideal for your business.

From Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to Pinterest, our social media specialists at Ohana Digital will cater to your social media needs and provide insightful monthly reports covering KPI metrics and exclusive market and audience analysis between platforms.

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