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SEM or Search Engine Marketing is commonly known as paid Search or Google Ads in the digital space. SEM is activated when an individual seeks information online or conducts any online activity – this will trigger a variety of online ad campaigns in various formats. Businesses from multiple industries highly demand SEM as it is proven to be highly effective and cost-effective.

SEM specialists at Ohana Digital will produce and create ad campaigns for your business that will target relevant opportunities and deliver you a return on your investment. 

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SEM and SEO – What’s the difference?

The core difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO focuses on optimising website traffic from organic search results, while the SEM focuses on obtaining traffic and visibility via paid search and organic means.

In other words, this means that SEO falls under SEM. When harnessed correctly, practising SEM while utilising the best SEO practices can reap benefits for your business, such as higher rankings/visibility and quicker ROI while being highly cost-effective.


How does Paid Search work?

PPC (pay per click), Paid Search, and CPC (cost per click) refer to SEM strategies. PPC is defined as an SEM strategy involving the advertisers being charged only a certain fee when users click the ads. At the same time, CPC is the cost you pay for every click made on one of your PPC ads on platforms like Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. This means that if you set your CPC too high, you will not be able to obtain the desired ROI from advertisements.

Setting up the correct costs and amount for paid ads might be stressful for some, but worry not, as our SEM specialists will assist you in budget forecasting based on search volumes and seasonality. Further, you will only be charged the monthly amount based on your specified budget, and ad budgets will be monitored regularly.

Display and Remarketing

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is another SEM billing practice that acts as an alternative to CPC. CPM means advertisers are billed every one thousand times users view their ads.

CPM ads contain strong and appealing visuals, such as incorporating the use of animations, interactive elements, or video ads on YouTube. SEM specialists at Ohana Digital will target sites and apps in a specific interest category to increase brand awareness and recognition to your target audience.

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