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Email marketing is a strong marketing channel that advertises your company’s product or services. Incorporating it into your marketing automation efforts, it assists and makes your consumers aware of your latest goods or offers. It also helps with lead creation, brand exposure, relationship development and keeping customers engaged between transactions by using various forms of marketing emails.

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Our Email & SMS Marketing Services

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Content Strategy for EDM

We create responsive email templates that reflect your brand’s appearance as well as the campaign’s concept. Usage of various forms of media including email, social media, text messaging and utilisation of strategic arrangement of call to action buttons to develop your list and convert them into customers presented in each campaign.

We create engaging materials that support your entire content marketing strategy. Our EDM experts use subject lines that enhance open rates, as well as email personalisation, and enhanced tracking of conversions.

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Say yes to SMS Marketing!

SMS marketing allows your business to connect directly with your leads and loyal clients on devices with which they have personal relationships. It is an excellent communication method for customer care firms when time is of the essence. For example, appointment booking confirmation, account security verification, billing notifications or transport reminders.

Unlike other forms of communication such as social media updates, phone calls or emails, SMS are often viewed immediately because cell phones are nearly always within arm’s reach and SMS capability cannot be muffled. So, if your company relies on personalised information being sent on time, you might want to give SMS marketing a go with Ohana Digital!

Different Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

The Ohana Digital team creates a wide range of email campaigns, often known as electronic direct mail (EDMs). Email marketing is essential to drive customer loyalty, especially for eCommerce companies. Implementation of EDMs to remind consumers of new season product launches or ask them to take advantage of unique and exclusive deals or use regular email to drive traffic to your blog.

We can set up email automation processes to send our welcome emails, birthday offers and reminders when customers need a refill or have abandoned their shopping cart! If your company provides a service, we can design dynamic automation processes to nurture potential leads by delivering content that is tailored to their stage within the sales funnel.

Email Database Management

Our EDM experts will manage your subscriber database, segmenting your audience in order to target each individual with relevant content. We experiment with alternative send times and conduct frequent A/B testing to maximise campaign performance

We guarantee that every campaign has the highest chance of being sent and opened by recipients by tracking email subscription preferences, bounce and unsubscribe rates. To continuously enhance campaign success, we analyse open and click-through rates.

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