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At Ohana Digital, Your Website’s Hosting is Our Responsibility

At Ohana Digital, we ensure that your website is accessible to anyone and anywhere, 24/7 worldwide through our web hosting and custom domain name services. Our expert team can help you choose a domain name, and manage the entire process for you.

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Ohana Website Hosting Services Include

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Domain Management

Ohana Digital will manage and register your domain to ensure the registration of your ideal domain does not elapse and allowing competitors the chance to steal your web address.

It can be stressful choosing a domain name without the help of an expert. Domain names containing specific industry keywords are trendy and in high demand, which can be challenging to get a hold of. It is also worth considering that businesses should choose a domain name that is closely related to your company’s name for best SEO practice. Experts at Ohana Digital are capable of taking the stress out of your hands and managing your domain registration for you.

Web Hosting

Ohana Digital has access to an infrastructure that stores all website content in a dedicated data centre located in Australia to ensure that visitors don’t experience any latency or lag time – this infrastructure is known as a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

With VPS, it is a cost-effective web hosting solution because it allows multiple users to share the infrastructure or server. Despite sharing with multiple users, it does not negatively affect site performance as it functions as separate servers for each user – each server has its CPU, capacity, storage, and RAM.

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