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Today, where everything relies on technology, it isn’t easy to envision a business conducting its operations and achieving objectives without having a reliable website. This is where professional web creation and development services, like those offered by Ohana Digital comes in.

We can help you create a professionally designed website from scratch and offer custom web development services for your business. An expertly-designed website provides your visitors with a great user experience which increases consumer trust and provides a professional brand image for your business, increasing conversions and ROI.

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SEO Ready Websites

The most significant goal of owning a website is to rank high in Search engine results (Google for example). For that to happen, a highly responsive web design must be implemented.

Responsive websites bear a lot of SEO benefits that are highly advantageous for your website’s performance and rankings, such as faster loading time, multiple screen and browser compatibility, and easy navigation.

With all of the above factors embedded in your website, visitors are more likely to spend a decent amount of time on your website because of the excellent User Experience – this signals to Google that your webpage content is valuable and will positively affect your rankings.

Ohana Website Design & Development

At Ohana Digital we believe that outstanding websites are made through meticulous strategising and collaboration between specialisations.

With Ohana Digital, your journey with us starts with an initial consultation and discussion to determine your site goals and specifications. We will assist in deciding which platform is best suited to your needs and the appropriate theme that best represents your business. Once that is settled, our digital experts will implement the latest industry trends and techniques to guarantee visitors a great user experience.

To guarantee the safety and security of the website and visitors, our team will provide the latest SSL security certificate and additional security measures such as constant monitoring and checks to ensure no security breaches.

Our site developers and designers are fully equipped to guarantee a website’s seamless front and back-end functionality. They can add content updates easily whenever requested while maintaining the site design aesthetic. Before the launch, your new website will be tested by our team of digital experts precisely and thoroughly to guarantee a smooth and successful launch.

We make websites that convert

At Ohana Digital, the focus of every website we create is to generate conversions.

We build websites that encourage users to engage and take actions, like watching a video, subscribing to your newsletter, making a phone call, or submitting a form. 

Encouraging visitors to take these actions creates an authentic lead and indicates their place in the funnel, whether they be in consideration of your product or service or ready to purchase. This strategy will usually result in these leads to slowly (but surely) travel down the marketing funnel and closing a sale – which is the ultimate conversion goal.

Our web designers guarantee every web page created possesses a call-to-action that will convince visitors to click and generate leads.

For digital marketing customers, Heatmaps and Google Analytics tracking are utilised and implemented to measure goal completion and conversion rate optimisation.

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Ohana Digital is a WordPress Friendly Agency

We are experts in WordPress Design and Content Management Systems.

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