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Every piece of creative or campaign your business performs should complement your overarching marketing strategy. This ensures all creative efforts align with the same business goals. Otherwise, your creative and marketing efforts cannot be adequately measured, which makes it difficult to attribute the value of these activities.

If your overall strategy aims to increase revenue, you may decide to run a campaign that doesn’t directly impact sales but is designed to raise brand awareness. As such, this campaign tactic still supports the broader business strategy because expanding your target audience will in turn facilitate future sales.

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Our Campaign Strategy Services

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Competitor Research and Ideation

To ensure the team crafts an exceptionally effective creative campaign strategy, Ohana Digital instigates a tried and tested, four-step process. The initial preparation phase encompasses extensive information gathering. During this period, the team becomes immersed in your industry, familiarising themselves with your service offering and customer personas.

Competitors are examined to analyse the client’s position in the market. Previously executed strategies are assessed, fresh inspiration sought and your core objective specified to ensure the development of an appropriate brief. The team then enters the incubation stage, digesting all the data collected, brainstorming before letting their ideas marinate, so the brain can establish new connections between concepts, leading to genuine innovation.

Strategic Implementation

The preliminary research conducted by the team, including competitor samples, mock ups and statistics; is compiled into a single document so creative opportunities can be easily identified. The ensuing empirical insights enable the team to evaluate potential creative solutions. It is critical the chosen strategic approach addresses your business objective.

When the team reaches a conclusion, or is struck by an epiphany, it is referred to as our ‘Ohana Moment’. An action plan will be based on one particular winning option. Ohana Digital specialists will elaborate on the steps required to implement the strategy across your business assets. The proposed strategy will be outlined in the same research document, for easy client reference.

Consultancy Service

The digital landscape is evolving at incredible speed! This can be a challenge for internal creative and marketing staff, as their exposure to different industries is often limited. Plus, not every business has the budget to engage specialists in specific areas of digital expertise.

That’s why Ohana Digital offers consultancy services. Collectively, our team’s breadth of experience is extensive. So we are equipped to fill knowledge gaps that occur amongst in-house teams. Depending on your business needs, our consultants can work alongside your employees on a monthly or quarterly basis. This may encompass advising management on your overarching strategy, or evaluating the most appropriate course of action.

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