5 Essential Steps In Data Collection

tips for collecting data

Data may be one of the most precious resources for businesses in today’s digital world. But how exactly do you collect precious data? 1. Before you begin data collection, you must first and foremost determine what kind of data you want and the purpose of collecting it. Establishing a clear goal behind data collection will … Read more

Data Collection & Analysis in Digital Marketing

Data is one of digital marketing’s centrepieces. Access to quality data enables digital marketers to analyse and plan around a set of goals reaching outcomes, such as, more prospects, wider and engaged audiences, greater sales and leads. Data is key to building the best customer or user experience that is fluid, and ultimately more profitable. … Read more

4 Essential Web Hosting Features You Should Know

website performance Ohana Digital

Web hosting stores all the files that make up your website on a server. Every good web host should have: Sufficient Disk Space or storage to store your site’s content and data. Security – A good web host should provide SSL Certificates, firewall management and automated malware scans to protect your website from cyberattacks. Uptime … Read more

When Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

when to hire a digital marketing agency

Many businesses may wonder when is the right time to hire a digital marketing agency; today, we’ve rounded up a few significant signs that it may be time for your business to hire a digital marketing partner. 1. You’ve seen a decline in sales or leads. 2. When you don’t know how to interpret valuable … Read more

Your Website’s Hosting is Our Responsibility

website hosting Ohana Digital

We ensure that your website is accessible to anyone, anywhere, 24/7. Our website experts will create an appealing domain name for your website and manage the registration process. Ohana Digital can host your website, create compelling content and secure your data in a dedicated data centre in Australia (Virtual Private Server), so visitors won’t experience … Read more

When Will I See Results From a Google Ads Campaign?

results from a Google campaign

From our years of experience managing ad campaigns for small business and enterprise, we found that: It can take anywhere from 10-16 weeks for a Google Ads campaign to mature. 3-6 months for an ads campaign to stabilise. 6-12 months is sometimes needed to build a strong PPC campaign. Despite the misconceptions, Google Ads is … Read more

The importance of Digital Marketing for your business

the importance of digital marketing

Almost 7 billion people use the Internet, with the majority using the digital space to purchase and conduct business transactions every day. There is truly no better time to establish an authoritative online presence for your business. Whether you are supplying mining buckets, or workplace wellness solutions, the need for digital marketing remains. If you … Read more

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